President’s Message

JGSPBC is seeking individuals to help manage our website, Constant Contact, and FaceBook.

Here are some skills we are looking for

The Public Facing Website was built pre-COVID as a way to more easily manage content and reduce the amount of time to manage the site. The vast majority of the site uses WordPress plugin called TablePress. This means if any you have excel experience, this will be an easy tool to use. Another heavily used plugin is The Event Calendar tool which is used to manage the club activities. Web specific Pages have also been built using Word-Like tools to support needs of the club as well as Blog Posts.

The site also depends on the use of another plugin called Tab Pro as a way to spread the amount of content across a given web page. The WordPress Menu was designed as a single level, meaning when you hover on the menu item, there are no child menu selections. We avoid child drop downs in the menu due to security hacks in prior years. The use of Tab Pro plugin is another reason we do not need child-menu dropdowns. The framework has been stable for a few years and only rarely modified to accommodate some special feature of the club.

We use Constant Contact (CC)  as a way to email our stakeholders and partners. CC uses word like drag and drop capabilities. We have a number of campaigns and contact lists to clone and ensure we have timely email coverage. We presently have Weekly Update campaigns,  periodic reminders of zoom and in-person meetings, Membership focused campaigns, Lunch, Radiator Grille, Auctions, Simplex exercises, and Field Day campaigns.

To the new CC user, you will master this tool quickly and find it fun and leverage your creative juices.



If you have any combination of the above skills, we would love to set time to discuss our plans. Once a person is proficient, the time commitment is about 1 to 2 hours per week on our WordPress footprint and 1 hour per week on Constant Contact.

Managing FaceBook content is less than 1 hour ever month and depends on the club events.

There will be times these hours may be longer as club events are planned such as Field Day, Radiator Grille and Auctions.

We will be doing real-time training mostly via Zoom and training session will be recorded for future reference.

Please contact John.C N1QFH email or text 207-239-0269

We look forward to having fun learning and teaching and improving our footprint going forward


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