Tips for Zoom Meeting Attendees


Tips for Zoom Meeting Attendees


The following is a collection of Best Practices from many organizations who sponsor Zoom meetings with the goal of being productive, enjoyable, and informative.


  • People see you in our Zoom meetings, please act accordingly

  • Consider yourself visible in a LIVE audience

  • Adjust camera and keep stable at eye level

  • Avoid activities such as shuffling papers

  • Avoid multi-tasking

  • Check internet connection

  • Dress for the occasion

  • Find a quiet space without interruptions or background noise

  • Focus on the meeting

  • Have a plain background and avoid windows backlight

  • Have good lighting on your face so you can be seen clearly

  • Join early

  • Limit distractions, such as ringing phones

  • Limit movements, try to be still

  • Mute microphone when not speaking

  • One speaker at a time

  • Prepare materials in advance

  • Speaker Volume set to 90 percent

  • Turn off notifications and close apps

  • Use headphones (CLICK to purchase from Amazon)


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